Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Appeal to rebuild Mosul University's Central Library

Mosul University's Central Library-January 2017

      Professor Dr. Obay S. Al-Dewachi, President of the University of Mosul has made an urgent call for the rebuilding of the University of Mosul's Central Library which was fully destroyed and burned to the ground the past few weeks. 
     In a meeting he chaired yesterday, he called on local, national and international universities, academic institutions, publishing houses, public and private libraries, and men of knowledge, among others, to kindly participate in rebuilding the University's Central library by donating whatever is available in their capacity: books, manuscripts, journals and periodicals, theses and dissertations in paper form or digital. 
     Since its foundation in 1967, the University Central Library, and through its numerous departments and sections, has provided solid and substantial services for hundreds of thousands of students and scholars from in and outside the City and University of Mosul. 
     The University President declared that he has already received numerous generous calls and emails from some of the Bodies above expressing support and readiness to contribute to restoring and rehabilitating the University Central Library and the University campus as well. He also stated that the University points of contact: colleges, departments, and the faculty, which are available on the University of Mosul's Web site (it is in Arabic), are prepared to arrange for the reception of any donations.

Professor Dr. Obay S. Al-Dewachi
President of the University of Mosul

31st January, 2017

Mosul University before and after the US bombing in March 2016


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