Friday, December 05, 2008

"Kill a nation"

"The objective of these targeted assassinations is to "kill a nation", to destroy Iraq's ability to educate its people, to undermine its research and scientific capabilities in literally all fields of endeavor, to transform a nation into a territory, and ultmately to destroy civilization."
This is a list of the about 275 assassinated academics, mostly PhD holders, from the various universities in Iraq:
"Dear Imad,
The BRussells Tribunal has the most complete list of murdered academics.
The list stands at 409 casualties.
The list used by Pakistan Daily is the Spanish CEOSI list, our sister organisation. We organised the campaign together (
Original file:
We compiled the list together. But since I went through the IBC database and Ismail Al Jalili’s database and included ALL the names of prof. Issam Al Rawi’s list, our list contains 409 names. Our list is the one that is used by AP’s monthly update “Key figures about the Iraq war”.
Thought I’d let you know.
Best regards.
Dirk Adriaensens
Member BRussells Tribunal executive committee
Coordinator SOS Iraq"