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Plight of Iraqi Academics

Plight of Iraqi Academics: Presented by Ismail Jalili at the Madrid International Conference on the Assassinations of Iraqi Academics, 23-24 April 2006, Updated 1 May 2006

Also submitted by Ismail Jalili:
Facing threats, local doctors flee Mosul


At 4:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Jalali
After the american invasion , Badhgag University was the first institution in whole iraq that has adopted elections in choosing its presidant and vice presidant , and it was Dr. Al Ani who was later assasinated in baghdad -may his soul rest in peace -..

When that elections took place international media focused on the event as a new way in the managment of scientific institutions in new Iraq ..

The event was broadcasted by satallites ...

At that same time , all baathists academics that were holding a higher positions in the baath party were thrown out of universities , according to an official decision made by the bad repute Bremer .

After these two incidents Baghdad University was considered as pro-occupation establishment ,a plan was set to get rid of any academic that was suspected to cooperate with the pro occupation governments .
In the begining cooperating with the government ment any of the following : accepting an academic post , heading a scientific center or establishment ,contributing in conferences , participating in the poletical activities ,and any kind of participation in the new media in Iraq ....

The wheel rolled on , lists were being renewed ...the excuse always is american stooges ..spys ..etc..

I wouldn't exempt some baathists from being prime suspects in this case , at least i know that they are involved in the case of relegating doctors from mousil , and there is still some kind of disagreement between a faction of baathists that has strong links with the islamic movements and who are stronlg favouring these acts and between other baathists who find these acts harmful for innocents sick people more than suppressing and paralising society .

My regards and many thanks to you for your respectable efforts in contributing to diagnose this blight ..

Teaching staff member in Baghdad university

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets face it , they are targeting two groups of academics :

First group are those occupying academic positions in governmental universities presidents and vice presidents , deans , assistant-dean for scientific or managment affairs , and head of scientific departments ...

Second group are any academic holding degree from either united kindom or united states universities ..

The plan is to get rid of ALL academics who did their degrees in these two countries , based on a wrong belief that those graduated from there are normaly affiliated and will get along with incorporating our iraqi scientific communities with those of the americans or britins ...needless to say that iraqi scientific community is totally agaist the occupation and its brutal etiquette in iraq.
If any research would be made about the origin of the universities of the assasinated academics ,it will reveal that american and britin's universities graduates are the higest percentage among them .I can't give more details because
I don't want to endanger my life and the lives of my colegues ...We as science people should face it , otherwise we will not be able to protect the remaining science flags of Iraq ..
With regards

Iraqi Academic

At 12:36 AM, Blogger baghdadi said...

In this case , the pictures of the mentioned elections should be reviewed , names of candidated, coordinators and voters can be listed and checked .
Also a further investigation is recommended concerning the universities of the last degree held by the assasinated iraqi academics .


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