Saturday, May 27, 2006

Physics codes

A dear colleague of mine, who is now teaching as a Professor in nuclear and theoretical physics at Baghdad University, is in need of physics codes that may be used as tools for post-graduate students to do their research projects in nuclear reactions, nuclear models, gamma transitions, gamma attenuation, radiation dosimetry, etc..., as all the previous codes were lost after April 2003.

If you know any colleagues who may be using such codes, preferably running on a Pentium Desktop, and are willing to send them (along with the programming language used, such as Fortran), please inform me to arrange for their delivery.

It would be very much appreciated.

All the best
Imad Khadduri


At 11:37 PM, Blogger Rubin said...

Professor Imad Khadduri,

Could these "Physics codes" tools be used for WMD research?

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous E S said...

Dear Imad

I don’t know whether you may still remember me but we worked together on the theoretical calculations of the experiments for the French research reactors that were obliterated in 1981.

I have read your articles, also the ones of your daughter. I was touched. After more information was disclosed in the news, one has to conclude that the information you have provided was reliable. I do appreciate that.

There are some codes and nuclear data that can be downloaded from the Internet and are in the public domain.

A few nuclear model codes are available at:

- ABAREX, Optical Statistical Model Neutron Cross-Sections Using ABACUS and NEARREX.

- CHUCK3, Coupled Channels Born Approximation, Zero Range Code
- DWUCK4, Distorted Wave Born Approximation, Zero Range Code
- DWUCK5, Distorted Wave Born Approximation, Finite Range Code
Available here.

EMPIRE 2.19 (Lodi) Nuclear Reaction Model Code

Other computer codes and data can also be downloaded here

This could be a starting point.

Kind regards


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