Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A new Hit List

Slated for killing: More than 450 Iraqi intellectuals fear for their lives May 8, 2006


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Abu Hasan said...

Exodus of the Iraqi middle class

The Times May 11, 2006

Exodus of the Iraqi middle class
By Daniel McGrory

"COLLEAGUES were astonished when Hussain, a nurse at Kadimiyah Hospital in Baghdad, turned up for work in a new suit with a pistol strapped around his waist and announced that he was now in charge.

A doctor who ridiculed the idea of this 34-year-old appointing himself administrator of the 700-bed hospital was slapped across the face by his new boss, who ordered armed security guards to escort the medic from the building....

...Saddiq al-Medhi, a dentist queueing with his wife and two daughters at the city’s airport yesterday, had his clinic hijacked by militiamen. “I kept telling myself things would get better, but when?” he said. “This is my home. I want it to work, but you can’t have the nonsense of uneducated, inexperienced people being put in control just because some cleric with a militia says so.”...

...Head teachers complain that they have been usurped by militia loyalists who do not have the necessary qualifications or experience. They say teachers are afraid to discipline children of militia gunmen, or give these youngsters anything but the highest marks. The headmistress of a junior school in Gazaliyah, west Baghdad, was murdered for rebuking the ten-year-old son of a local militia leader. Her husband was waiting at the school gates to drive her and their daughter home. Two cars ambushed the family and shot dead all three in full view of other parents"....

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bush is reading all this or any of his supporters? Actully on second thoughts he, I am sure would not care if it even gets worse, but I want the American people to know about it so they would stop voting for such a fool who is sending their sons and fathers and husbands to the "New Iraq" to be killed.



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